Open Letter to Max Singularity (and all capsuleers)

Hello capsuleers!

You’re wondering why this blog entry is in English? Well, its because I want to write to somebody, who woun’t understand german…




Dear Max!
I’m just a little Minmatar capsuleer who knows nothing about space politics, the Amarr Empire and all its emperor worship.

But what I know is that you’re a wise man. You proved it in the past and also in the presence. I noticed your message to all capsuleers regarding the G-Fleet meeting.

I’m proud to tell you that more than 140 pilots have heard your call and came together! No EVE politics, just friendship and party! A lot of shots have been fired (but no one was hurt)! Special space shots: Some corporations sponsored labels with their logo’s to make this event even more unique! We also had a high Amarr profile: The beer imported by some amarrian traders was delicious! I was able to save some of the empty bottles for documentation reason (and some full bottles too ;-)  ).

I attache some photos to this post so you can see what I’m talking about. But keep in mind: no screenshot or photo can capture the magic of the moment! ;-)

Best regards

Carl Lauer




Some real life words to all attendees of our G-Fleet meeting in Düsseldorf, Germany:

Thank you for beeing part of an awesome and unforgettable party!

While we were planing this event, we got some strange feedback about people mixing up ingame incidents and RL stuff…
I was glad to see so many people coming together without asking for ingame standings, alliance affiliation etc.

Thank you all for getting in contanct with new eve players and for having some beers with already well known people!

It was a hard year with some personal blows of fate, tons of work and stress. But you once again prove that it is worth everything and that our community is the best gaming community on this little planet!!!